Obama & Me

“I am a cog in the wheel of free movement.
I am my ancestors’, my contemporaries’,
and my descendants’ wildest dreams”

This unique work-in-progress was the opening show at Etcetera Theatre’s 2017 Black Box Festival. It links the contemporary Black European experience to the Black American experience through the journeys of the first Black president of the United States and a Black Brit working at the heart of the EU:

While Barack Obama is fulfilling his American Dream as the first Black president of the United States, Sylvia Arthur, a Black Brit, is in Brussels in pursuit of the European version.

Working at the political heart of Europe as a communications consultant tasked with promoting Freedom of Movement, she zigzags the continent proselytising the benefits of a borderless Union.

But as the President faces resistance to his agenda, so does she as nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism sweep through Europe, and the world, and dreams begin to crumble.

Interweaving music, video, and images with spoken word, this powerful one woman show explores the meaning of identity, politics, power, and belonging in the post post-racial 21st century.

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