Terreno: Borderland Linguistics launched and available for download [Publication]

Terreno: Borderland Linguistics is a new publication comprised of innovative texts and print-based artworks showcasing the spectrum of art produced in response to the ongoing immigration / emigration crisis, a global phenomenon with a huge local impact. The publication is a full cover 24-page chapbook that the Present Cartographers collective, made up of Sylvia Arthur (UK), Daisy Quezada (US) and Lois Klassen (CA), hope will serve as a precursor to a larger work that will further explore artistic responses to migration.    

From Terreno,

This chapbook is emerging from a piece of ground, terreno – perhaps a place in which people gather to make art and write about a specific social and political theme; or a place of tradition and ancestry from which people are forced to leave; or, a new territory in which land disputes are nearly ancient, where the land itself might be described as blood soaked. …

Download Terreno here