Cloud Conversations

Cloud Conversations connects artists from different disciplines, cultures, and philosophies to bring the best minds together using art as a way to better understand our society and, perhaps, to help build a stronger and brighter vision for our world, through intelligent investigation and hard work.

Our first event, Exposure: Cloud Conversation 1, took place in August 2016 at Flux Factory in NYC and Tom’s Etching Studio in London:

How do expressions of collective intolerance manifest themselves at an individual level? And, what impact do these expressions of bigotry have on those who are its target in everyday life?

In this provocative collaborative exchange, New York-based visual artist, Joshua Dylan Rubin, and London-based writer, Sylvia Arthur will explore what it means to be at the receiving end of concealed/revealed hate, while Cloud Conversations curator, Anne Murray, will make commentary on the importance of artistic dialogue in the development of public awareness in relation to these themes and will moderate discussion. Exposure is an interrogation of the private and public selves, of what lies just beneath the surface and what’s hidden deep within from the perspectives of those who express their private thoughts in a public forum (Rubin) versus those who are impacted by those publicly expressed thoughts in a private way (Arthur).

Rubin’s work, Exposed Human Attitudes, reveals the hidden human attitudes that are concealed in everyday interactions, but are revealed through graffiti in the relative privacy of construction site bathroom stalls.

Writing at the intersection of race and gender, Arthur’s narrative nonfiction explores the questions: “How do you move through the world when you inhabit multiple identities in societies that demand conformity to one? How do you emerge as a whole?”

Responding to each other’s work in structured segments, this interactive exchange will challenge the viewer, and will be made up of two integrated parts:

Reading and Art / Installation (25 mins)

In this interactive exchange, Arthur will read, live from Tom’s Etching Studio in London, three five-minute pieces from her book-in-progress, African, & Other Curse Words  and writing specially commissioned for this Cloud Conversation in direct response to Rubin’s work, while Rubin will present a selection of his paintings installed at the Flux Factory in New York.

Read my response to Joshua Rubin’s work here:


Conversation (20 mins)

Following the reading / installation exchange, the artists will engage in conversation about their work, their process, and the issues raised while the curator, Anne Murray, will moderate the discussion (London) as well as comment on the curatorial relationships in these works and the importance of dialogue in the artistic process explaining how this has led to their current collaborative project, Cloud Conversations. They will each solicit and respond to questions from viewers watching on the live stream and address the similarities in their work and experiences in two of the world’s most diverse cities, New York and London.